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Lisa Stone’s view on the Bag Lady Syndrome (video)

In a video interview, Lisa elaborates on one of the focusses of her work as a financial advisor: women. She has seen the Bag Lady Syndrome, which is the fear of women losing all their money, in real life. She helps these women to get to know their personal financial situation and to become more confident about it.

To get to know Lisa and her view on issues and possible solutions related to the Bag Lady Syndrome, you can watch the full video here:


“How to advocate for your financial future with Lisa Stone”

Lisa was invited to share her ideas at the podcast series ‘Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business’ of the Elevate Network. Lisa starts with an explanation about her career in general and tells how she became a financial advisor at Bernstein. After she illustrates what kind of activities are involved in her work as a financial expert and uses her experience to explain where the fear of running out of money is coming from.

You can listen to the full podcast for free via iTunes or directly via the Elevator Network.

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A WSJ podcast on the Bag Lady Syndrome and how to avoid it

Watching Your Wealth is a podcast series of Wall Street Journal. In one of the episodes, Lisa Stone ( financial expert, specialised in providing advise to women) was invited to talk about the Bag Lady Syndrome and in particular about how to avoid it.

The full podcast is available on the website of Watching Your Wealth:

Lisa Stone Bernstein

“A courageous physical fitness regimen and a sharp EQ”

An article on the platform Driven Professionals, points out that not purely the technical skills Lisa Stone possesses lie at the heart of her success. The importance of emotional intelligence, listening skills as well as physical fitness, are often underrated but are very important to her.

You can read the full article here: